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Sahyadri Passion
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     One can approach Ajoba from Dena, which can be reached  by a bus from Shahapur. There is a motorable road from Dena to the foot of Ajoba hill. However, there is a shorter route via Chinchwadi, which is near Dena. From Chinchwadi,  follow the path climbing up the adjacent hill and reach the upper plateau in about 10 minutes. A prominent foot-track over the plateau takes one to a forest stretch in 10 minutes. At the entrance of this forest, three paths branch off in three different directions. The path to the left leads to Ajoba, the one in the middle leads to the Valmiki ashram while the one on the right vanishes into the forests.   Follow the path to Ajoba and climb up, keeping Ajoba to the right. The path enters the col between Ajoba and Katrabai hill, which is to the left. One can cross the col and reach Kumshet village. Climb up to the right side and reach the top of Ajoba. There is nothing on the top.  One can also go to Kumshet and visit Harishcahndragad, Katrabai, Ratangad and many forts in that area.

       The Chinchwadi-Ajoba trek takes about three to four hours.  The ashram has a samadhi which is supposed to be that of Rishi Valmiki. There is also a temple of Lord Shankar and a Darmashala providing accommodation. Nearby lies a clear stream which holds water. throughout the year. There is a Lav-Kush cave at the upper side of the ashram. Following the foot-track to the left of the temple,  cross a stream on the way and walk towards the hillock on the right through a deep forest. A 45 minutes' walk takes one to the col between Ajoba on the left and the Lav-Kush hillock on the right. There is a pinnacle on the Lav- Kush hillock which is known as 'Sitecha Palana'. To the left of the col is a water cistern carved in the scarp of Ajoba. To the right there is an iron ladder leading to the Lav-Kush cave. The cave has a flat portion where about 10 people can easily  sit.  There is another small cave in the scarp of the pinnacle and it contains carved out. 'Padukas'  of Lav and Kush. There is a water tank outside the cave but the water is not potable. Slightly ahead stands a flag-pole. The route for the pinnacle starts from this point. There are steps here which descend for about 50 feet. Following these steps which lead to the col, one can proceed to the ashram, descend further and return to Shahapur via Dena.